Indiegogo is big. We’re talking millions of monthly visitors with crowdfunding campaigns in more than 200 countries big. Acquiring customers through paid search is an important part of their outreach strategy. In order to continuously optimize these accounts, Indiegogo partnered with 565 Media to enhance SEM performance.

A series of virtual and in-person meetings led to revamped campaigns, which quickly produced improved efficiency and scale. From there, 565 Media expanded to help test and optimize more than ten other paid media channels. Customer acquisition for a crowdfunding platform is complex, not only due to the sheer volume of data, but also due to its dual-supply nature. With detailed strategies and refined tactics to grow both the number of high-value entrepreneurs creating campaigns on Indiegogo, as well as backers looking to contribute to these campaigns, 565 Media has proven to be an invaluable digital marketing partner.

The Black Tux

The Black Tux offers curated, modern tuxedos, at a competitive price. Coupled with the modern convenience of door-to-door delivery, and it’s no wonder GQ Magazine states that The Black Tux is here to “rescue guys from tux-rental hell.”

A desire to take things to the next level led The Black Tux to hire 565 Media with one simple goal: to understand acquisition metrics across multiple channels. Within weeks, The Black Tux was able to discover profitable channels with strong LTV, increasing sales by 2X month-to-month.