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Crap Eyewear, a local independent sunglass brand, partnered with 565 Media to explode their business online through data-driven insights and optimizations.


Record sales achieved in three months


Reduction in cost per acquisition in first month

Crap Eyewear

Rooted in beachside counterculture, the brand's sunglasses has become synonymous with California cool, sported by everyone from YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain to rapper YG. To effectively expand their footprint across digital and social channels, Crap Eyewear turned to 565 Media’s customer acquisition and paid media expertise.


Develop and target new niche audiences

Crap Eyewear needed a targeted approach to engaging and converting new audiences online with their distinct signature style and offbeat verve


A data-driven customer acquisition roadmap

By partnering with 565 Media, Crap Eyewear was able to market their independent brand of fashion-forward and accessibly priced quality shades to new legions of fans and followers within weeks.

565 Media collaborated closely with Crap Eyewear to identify, benchmark, and craft effective customer acquisition campaigns.

565 Media’s paid media expertise not only fast-tracked Crap Eyewear to record online sales but also enabled the local sunglass brand to redistribute internal resources.

The 565Media Solution
The 565Media Solution


Record online sales

Through 565 Media’s data-driven insights, effective new customer acquisition systems, and continual conversion optimization tactics, Crap Eyewear experienced:

• Record breaking sales in three months

• An immediate 50% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)

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565 Media Services Used

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Start Generating Conversions Today

The customer acquisition specialists at 565 Media have years of experience and expertise in designing, implementing and optimizing marketing campaigns that convert. We are certified partners with Google, Bing, Amazon and more, with a proven industry track record of growing successful businesses. Start up a new stream of lead generation today with a powerful customer acquisition strategy, designed with your business goals in mind.
565 Media is one of L.A.’s top performance marketing agencies. We excel at per-per-click and social media advertising that generates high-quality leads with incredible ROI.

We offer:

  • Keyword research
  • Precise audience targeting
  • Phone call and conversion tracking
  • E-commerce
  • A/B split testing
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ongoing campaign optimization
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    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads

    Benefits of PPC Marketing on Facebook

    Love it or hate it, Facebook is a popular and highly influential platform, and provides some significant benefits for marketing campaigns.

    Wide Reach

    The Facebook social media platform has a monthly active user base of over 2.6 billion. Are you reaching online users where they spend their time the most?

    Unparalleled Analytics

    Facebook Ads provides one of the best advertising tools in the industry with hundreds of data points for every user that advertisers can take advantage of.

    Lead Generation

    Customized CTA buttons, remarketing lists, micro-targeting and unique ad formats.

    It is profitable to build and manage advertising funnels on Facebook because it offers some of the best advertising tools in the industry. You can target accurately, remarket to connections, and run a thriving ad campaign.

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